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Reflections on the 2018 National Conference

We recently returned from celebrating the highlight of our annual event calendar, the nMB National Conference.

This year we changed things up, taking the event offshore to Queenstown, New Zealand.

Queenstown proved to be a magnificent host town.  The views alone are the jewel in the crown of a town that delivered amazing hospitality, exhilarating activities and a conference described as “the best yet!”.

Our speaker program strongly focused on leadership and identifying the personal barriers to success.

This year Andrew Klein was at the helm as MC. Andrew’s entertaining and engaging style proved a welcome addition to the program and by the end of the conference it felt like he had always been a part of the team.  Aside from his role as MC, Andrew is also a Presentation Skills trainer and delivered his “Life’s a Pitch” keynote, providing insight about standing out from competitors and winning business.

Ngahihi O Te Ra Bidois was our first official speaker of the program.  Known as “The Face of New Zealand”, Ngahi is a striking figure, his face almost completely covered by his Ta Moko, a traditional Maori tattoo.  He uses ancient wisdom to help solve modern day problems.  A spine tingling Haka at the conclusion of his presentation was a highlight.

After being so well received last year, we welcomed Keith Abraham back to conduct a follow-up workshop on “Creating the business of your dreams”.  His guidance focused heavily on practical goal setting, both professionally and personally, to build the foundations for achieving your ‘castles in the air’.

Rachael Robertson is one of the country’s most sought after speakers. We were privileged to hear her story of a year leading a team in the most isolated workplace in the world – Antarctica. Along with many humorous and extraordinary tales of her time at the South Pole, Rachel reminded us that the single most important thing in any workplace is Respect.  My take away quote was “Regret the decision you make rather than regret not making a decision”.

Our final speaker, Tony Christiansen, delivered an awe-inspiring presentation proving that “your attitude dictates your altitude”.  Despite losing both legs in a tragic accident as a boy, he has gone on to achieve greatness as a world class athlete, surf lifesaver, pilot, motor racing champion, adept snow skier and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, amongst many other amazing feats.  He proves our only limitations are those we place on ourselves.

The social events made the most of our “adventure capital” location including jet boating on Lake Wakatipu, and, with our Awards Dinner being hosted at the “Home of Bungy”, there was ziplining and 12 brave souls taking a giant leap for our pre-dinner entertainment pleasure.

We truly appreciate everyone who contributes to making these events something to look forward to each year.  The camaraderie amongst our group is something that we are constantly told is unique and special to nMB, and we thank our brokers and partners for continuing to make that the cornerstone of our events.

Gerald Foley
Managing Director

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