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nMB Mortgage Broker Suite

The essential components to successfully manage your mortgage broking business – in the one place.

MBS’s modular design offers maximum flexibility. MBS features a number of applications specifically designed to guide the broker step-by-step through each task of the lead and sales process, with the ability to:

Model lending scenarios, perform ‘what if’ analysis and compare products.
Store all clients documents electronically.
Instantly access reference materials and compliance documentation.

The nMB Mortgage Broker Suite (MBS) is an end-to-end business system, designed to give you everything you need to manage a mortgage broking business. With everything at your fingertips, it will save you time and help you deliver a professional level of service.

Technology Support

You receive regular training, technical assistance if required for implementation and ongoing technical helpdesk support.

Components of the MBS System include:

Customer Relationship Management system

Consistent and professional service is vital for repeat and referral business. Our CRM takes care of the lead stage, online loan application and all post-settlement communication.

It includes a step-by-step sales process, complete with task reminders. Each task includes templates such as telephone scripts, letters, emails and checklists. Brokers can follow the nMB sales process or even create their own documents.

Loan Tools

Loan tools are home to a range of mortgage calculators and tools. A broker can check eligibility, borrowing capacity and servicing ability against the policy of the Supplier on the nMB panel.

A broker can perform a vast range of analysis from initial ‘sanity’ checks via the MBS Quick Qualifier Calculator to sophisticated ‘what if’ analysis of loan consolidation or mortgage minimisation.

There is even a Balance Sheet Analyser that can perform a complete analysis of a company’s financial statements for up to 5 years, depicting key ratios and trends benchmarked against industry standards.

Broker Toolkit

The Broker toolkit is home to all the Broker’s sales and compliance documentation, including:

  • Loan Sales: Business and sales development library, includes customisable client proposals, loan and interview checklists, and satisfaction surveys.
  • Compliance: Contains the NCC documents required for all nMB ACL Credit Representatives, including Enquiry Summary and Needs Analysis forms
  • Sales Development: Comprehensive library of business and sales development materials to assist with business development and client prospecting, including a full suite of direct Marketing letters that the Broker may customise for their own use.
  • Business Management: Tools brokers may use day to day in managing their business including Personal and Business Budgets.

Lending Centre

Any information the Broker may require about nMB’s suppliers – rates, products and policy – can found in the Lending Centre.

A Comprehensive Lender reference library where each supplier – Consumer & Commercial Lenders, Equipment Finance, Deposit Guarantees, Insurance & Property Services – has a dedicated page containing product and credit information, calculators and customer documents.

nMB’s Product comparison software allows the broker to match clients to the 700 products in the nMB product database.

The Interest rates section provides up-to-date information on all products by loan type.

The Broker’s Forum operates as a bulletin board for brokers to share insights with other brokers on a range of topics such as special offers or product scenarios they have found that are particularly suited to certain clients.

Online Reports

Management Information centre within the MBS Administration Console that reports vital loan book and sales results. There are a number of reports available to brokers to either view online or download. Access to online files is available through the MBS software or directly via the secure broker portal within the nMB web site.

Reports available include:

  • Company income and expenses
  • Loan book performance
  • Commission & RCTI
  • Affiliate and leads tracking.
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