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nMB Web-based Affiliate Marketing program

Automate the marketing and management of your network referral program

Lead Tracking

Once leads have been created, the system automatically sends you an SMS, email and a new client file to your nMB CRM. From then on, simply keep tabs on the file through our CRM. The CRM is also designed to automatically send you reporting, commission payments and invoices.

Lead management is the heart and soul of any successful broker business. At nMB we have developed some of the best technology available to generate and manage leads. Our Affiliate Marketing System gives you and your referral partners easy access to an online database where they can create and allocate leads, view statistics and workflow reports, and retrieve tax invoices.


Model lending scenarios, perform ‘what if’ analysis and compare products.
Ability to include affiliates, sub affiliates, loan writers and satellite offices into the income chain.
Broker can nominate both upfront and trail commission splits across all participants.
nMB MBS actions payment and creates multiple RCTIs between all parties.
Online reporting available to affiliate through secure login.
Leads are tracked throughout all milestones via MBS.
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