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We believe that corporate governance entails a careful balance between the short-term and long-term interests of the company. nMB’s aim is to have a transparent governance structure looks after the interests of all its stakeholders: shareholders, brokers, employees and our community.

nMB’s Corporate Governance Statement is reflected within these Principles:

Principle 1
Lay solid foundations for management and oversight
Establish and disclose the respective roles and responsibilities of board and management.

Principle 2
Structure the board to add value
Have a board of an effective composition, size and commitment to adequately discharge its responsibilities and duties.

Principle 3
Promote ethical and responsible decision making
Actively promote ethical and responsible decision making.

Principle 4
Safeguard integrity in financial reporting
Have a structure to independently verify and safeguard the integrity of financial reporting.

Principle 5
Make timely and balanced disclosure
Promote timely and balanced disclosure of all material matters concerning the company.

Principle 6
Respect the rights of stakeholders
Respect the rights of stakeholders and facilitate the effective exercise of those rights.

Principle 7
Recognise and manage risk
Establish a sound system of risk oversight and management and internal control.

Principle 8
Remunerate fairly and responsibly
Ensure that the level and composition of remuneration is sufficient and reasonable and that its relationship to performance is clear.

Principle 9
Recognise the relationship with suppliers
Recognise the role of suppliers and ensure an open relationship with them.


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